Step 1. Find a detachment in your area


Step 2. fill out online application



Step 3. attend a meeting

Bring a copy of your DD-214, the first year’s dues and your best “Sea Stories”. The detachment will have an application which can be completed at that time. Your membership will be processed through National Marine Corps League headquarters.
Once your dues are paid you will be “A member in good standing”.


Step 4. Stay motivated and enjoy the camaraderie

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General Info

Requirements for Membership

To be eligible for Regular member in the MCL a person must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Person who is serving, or has served honorably in the United States Marine Corps "on active duty", for no less than ninety (90) days

  • Persons who are serving, or have served in the United States Marine Corps reserve, and have earned no less than ninety (90) reserve retirement credit points

  • United States Navy Corpsmen and who have trained and served with United States Marine Fleet Marine Forces (FMF) units in excess of ninety (90) days and have earned the Marine Corps device (clasp) worn on the service ribbon, and those who earn the Warfare Device authorized for FMF Corpsmen

  • United States Navy Chaplains having earned the FMF Badge serving with Marines

  • Those individuals who are not qualified to join as regular members of the MCL may be accepted as Associate Members.


Annual dues are determined by the detachments.
Contact your local detachment for thier specific dues.

Life memberships are available to Members in good standing
Life Membership dues As of Jan 1, 2009
Age Group
0-35      $500
36-50    $400
51-64    $300
65-0ver $200

Associate memberships are available to those individuals not qualified for regular membership in the Marine Corps League or the Marine Corps League Auxiliary and who espouse the principles and purposes of the Marine Corps League as contained in its Congressional Charter.